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What are wide slabs?

wat zijn vloerplaten

Wide slabs are used as the constructive and aesthetic underside of a concrete floor. They are the ideal substrate for loadbearing concrete floors and can be manufactured in all shapes, up to 7 cm thickness.

These wide slabs are available in various widths:
1m20, 2m40, 3m and room-wide.

Our wide slabs are provided with under-reinforcement, with a flat and smooth surface on the underside. After placing the wide slabs the pipework is laid and the upper reinforcement applied.
Finally, concrete is poured onto the plates up to the desired floor thickness. The result is a solid concrete floor where the load is perfectly distributed.

Kerkstoel wide slabs are reinforced concrete wide slabs that comply with:

  • the PTV 202 Probeton BENOR regulations for Belgium
  • NBW_EN_13369
  • NBW_EN_13147
  • the KOMO specifications
  • the certificate with product certificate number K2188/95 and the ISO 9001 standards