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What are Comfort Walls

The Kerkstoel Comfort Wall is the solution if there are high thermal and acoustic demands. This is an ideal solution for party walls between apartments and office buildings, in cellars, as a façade component or as an insulated internal wall.

The Kerkstoel Comfort Wall is a semi-finished product, consisting of two reinforced concrete shells. These shells are attached to each other by specially developed rustproof connectors made from high-quality insulation materials, thus preventing the formation of thermal bridges.

The insulation layer is pre-applied in our factory to one of the shells on the inside of the cavity wall. Depending on the ultimate application of the precast wall, there may be an inter-space that is filled up with concrete at the work-site.

The Kerkstoel Comfort Wall is the result of innovative research and testing conducted by Kerkstoel 2000+ in collaboration with the WTCB (Scientific and Technical Centre for the Building Industry) research institute.