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Kerkstoel solid wall panels

Technical specifications

Prefabricated solid wall elements in reinforced concrete with a single or double reinforcement mesh. The walls are cast on steel tables creating one face of smooth grey concrete.


  • Structural walls
  • Facades
  • Plinths
  • Solid floor slabs

Standard thicknesses: 100mm; 150 mm; other thicknesses on request

Maximum production dimensions:

  • 13,0m x 3,60m (thickness <= 250mm)
  • 13,0m x 3,25m (thickness > 250mm)


- Formwork side (table) is steel smooth, the other side has a trowelled finish.


In accordance with standard NBN-EN-14992 (National annex NBN-B21-612)

Concrete strengths:

C30/37 - C50/60


Groove/groove or smooth with bevelled edges (others on request)



Single or double reinforcement mesh, diameters 6/8/10/12/14/16 mm

Built in items:

  • Lifting anchors, threaded sockets for propping
  • Couplers, coupler boxes
  • Halfen rails

Other built in items on request