• Sustainability report

Environment and sustainability

Kerkstoel 2000+ wishes to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We are therefore careful with natural resources, we restrict our energy consumption and keep waste to a minimum.

  • We make reinforcement mesh to order. This way we avoid wasting steel.
  • The edge formwork consists of more than 95% aluminium, which is 100% recyclable.
  • We completely separate and recycle concrete waste.
  • The water we use throughout the production process is captured in settling basins and later reused at our concrete works.

We also make an extra effort as regards transportation:

  • Our production materials can be delivered by ship thanks to our location on the Albertkanaal. We have raw materials such as sand and gravel delivered by cargo ship. After all, one ship can handle 100 times a lorry on the road.
  • We transport a lot of our finished products at night in containers. This is more environmentally friendly and saves time and expense. We also avoid traffic jams and traffic problems.

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